Argosy International's Inventory Management Solutions


Argosy International offers vendor managed inventory (VMI) and consignment stock for high-grade aerospace composites materials. Our VMI solutions are more than just warehouse storage spaces: we take on the responsibility for planning, scheduling, procuring, transporting, and storing materials.


Argosy has proven competencies surrounding aerospace composites materials and an in-house freight forwarding division with experience in transporting/handling temperature-sensitive, dry ice and hazardous materials shipments. Our VMI service plays a key role in ensuring that materials are available to meet customer’s production requirements, eliminating any potential disruptions in the supply of materials.


Current VMI Locations:

    • Taichung, Taiwan
    • Xi’an, China


For further information or inquiries regarding VMI, please contact:

Mr. Michael Chan (mchan@argosyinternational.com)