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Product Name Type Application Specification Datasheet Msds
10P20-26 Topcoats Wing DMS 2144, Comp C AkzoNobel_10P20-26
10P30-2 Topcoats Wing AkzoNobel_10P30-2
58 Series (646-58, 656-58, 666-58) Topcoats Wing AER(EP)_M_P_001; BS 2X 34; DPM 6330-01; GP110AEF; MIL-PRF-85285, Ty I; MMS 420; TL8010-0046; Z-12.390/MIL-PRF-85285 AkzoNobel_58series
Aerodur® 5000 Topcoats Wing AER(EP)_M_P_001; AIMS 04-04-036; BS22455; MIL-PRF-85285, Ty IV; TL8010-0046 AkzoNobel_Aerodur_5000
Aerodur® Finish C 21/100 UVR Topcoats Wing И756.18.407-2007 AkzoNobel_30-18
Aeroflex® Finish G 12 E 25 Topcoats Wing 84-010R; AIMS 04-04-017 Issue 2; DPM 5303; I.C. TO-37.05 Issue A; I.P. DA-64.03 Issue C; PQ 10050 H - 023; SMI 70 080; TN A.007.10050 Iss AZ - 23; TN A.007.10113 I Grade A; TN A.007.10129 AkzoNobel_35-01 ANA_Aeroflex_Flexible_Wing_Coating_G12E25_USEN
Aeroflex® HS 113F01 Topcoats Wing AIMS 04-04-026 Issue 1; AIMS 04-04-034 issue 1 AkzoNobel_30-45 ANA_Aeroflex_HS_113F01_Aflex_HS_113F_702944_Grey_USEN
Aeroflex® HS 113F02 Topcoats Wing AIMS 04-04-026; AIMS 04-04-034 AkzoNobel_30-50 ANA_Aeroflex_HS_113F02_000100_White_USEN
Aerowave® 5001 Topcoats Wing BS 2X 34; ECS-L-0097; R40-6309 Issue 6; SP-J-513-C-0083 Issue 6 Type III Class B AkzoNobel_40-09
Alumigrip® 4250 Topcoats Wing AkzoNobel Certification AkzoNobel_Alumigrip_4250
Alumigrip® 4400 Base Coat Topcoats Wing AkzoNobel Certification; BS22455; GMS 5008 AkzoNobel_Alumigrip_4400_Base_Coat
Alumigrip® 4450 Clearcoat Topcoats Wing AkzoNobel Certification; BS22455; GMS 5008 AkzoNobel_Alumigrip_4450_Clear_Coat
Eclipse® Topcoats Wing 99-015 Appendix II; AMS 3095; BAMS 565-002, Cl A, Gr B; BAMS 565-009, Ty I, Cl A, Gr B; BMS 10-125, Ty II, Gr D; BMS 10-60, Ty I and II, Cl B, Gr D; BMS 10-72, Ty IX; DHMS C4.04; DPM 6502; LGQP 6001; MEP 10-069; SMS 92, Ty 2, Gr B; SS 8526 TYI and TYII; TEK00-0161MT; VV0605-28; XMS 1622; Z-12.388/BMS 10-60 Ty I and II; И756.18.407-2007 AkzoNobel_Eclipse
Eclipse® ECL-G-857 Topcoats Wing BAMS 565-009, Ty I, Gr B; BMS 10-72, Ty IX DHMS C4.04 K Ty 6, Cl B, Gr B MEP 10-069 AkzoNobel_ECL-G-857 ANA_Eclipse_High_Solids_Polyurethane_Enamel_ECL_G_857_USEN
Spray2Fix 58 Series (646-58, 656-58, 666-58) Spray Can Topcoats Wing MIL-PRF-85285, Ty I AkzoNobel_Spray2Fix_58Series