Cytec Process Materials Announces An Extension Existing Distribution Agreement With Argosy International
Wednesday, February 26, 2014
- Cytec Process Materials Announces An Extension Existing Distribution Agreement With Argosy International

February 26, 2014 – Woodland Park, NJ - Cytec Industries Inc. (CYT) is delighted to announce the extension of the existing distribution agreement between Cytec Process Materials and Argosy International. The agreement, which included the territories of China, Taiwan and India, now includes the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.


Cytec Aerospace Materials and Argosy International have worked jointly to develop the composites market in the Asia Pacific region. In 2012, following the acquisition of Umeco, Cytec Process Materials started working with Argosy International and our customers are already seeing the benefits of dealing with Argosy International as they are able to offer comprehensive expertise related to both product groups. This has provided Cytec Process Materials with major business wins in China and Korea.


This agreement with Argosy will ensure that Cytec Process Materials continues to develop their business in the Asia Pacific region, working with locally based global players of the composites industry, while offering them the consistent high levels of customer service that they associate with Cytec Process Materials, worldwide.


Cytec Process Materials develop, manufacture and supply innovative process materials and services to the composites industry, including vacuum bagging consumables, infusion materials, customized kitting and reusable vacuum systems. These materials are used for prepreg processing, resin infusion, hand layup, filament winding, compression moulding of thermoplastic composites and glass lamination. Cytec Process Materials innovative products are all custom formulated to meet specific customers' requirements.


About Cytec

Cytec's vision is to deliver specialty material and chemical technologies beyond our customers' imagination. Our focus on innovation, advanced technology and application expertise enables us to develop, manufacture and sell products that change the way our customers do business. Our pioneering products perform specific and important functions for our customers, enabling them to offer innovative solutions to the industries that they serve. Our products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace and industrial materials, mining and plastics.


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