Argosy publishes newsletters highlighting new developments. Several newsletters discuss the construction of its new facility located in Taiwan, Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials, Inc., and the signficant value Argosy creates for its aerospace and composites customers.

Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Newsletter 1

With ATAM Newsletter Issue 1, we are introducing the ATAM facility and sharing information about our company's history, markets, products, services, and future plans.

Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Newsletter 2

With ATAM Newsletter Issue 2, we explore the history of Argosy's Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programs. Argosy's VMI programs are designed to relieve working capital and increase overall productivity for our customers, and have achieved superior results.

Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Newsletter 3

With ATAM Newsletter Issue 3, we discuss our partnership with Plataine, a leading provider of Manufacturing Automation & Optimization software solutions, which reinforces Argosy's strategy to create value for our Aerospace & Composites customers.

Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Newsletter 4

With ATAM Newsletter Issue 4, we introduce our partnership with Terao, a leading provider of Energy Performance Contracts designed to review facility improvements to increase energy efficiency, and provide cost saving solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Argosy Taiwan Aerospace Materials Newsletter 5

With ATAM Newsletter Issue 5, we are pleased to share photos and information from our Grand Opening Ceremony which was held on Friday March 24 2017. We are grateful for those of you who attended our event and we look forward to continuing our commitment to provide innovative solutions which create value for our customers.