Argosy supplies a wide range of epoxy, bismaleimide-(BMI), phenolic- and cyanate ester-based adhesives for composite-to-composite, composite-to-metal and metal-to-metal bonding. These adhesives offer excellent toughness and shear strength--even under harsh conditions, including elevated temperatures--and are qualified for a broad range of aerospace applications. Film adhesives can be supplied in a variety of forms, including multiple widths and thicknesses as well as barrier films and incorporated carriers. They are also available with such customized features as narrow width slitting and specialty packaging.

Primary Structure

Used in conjunction with primary structural materials, our wide range of adhesives, core splice, surfacing films and lightning strike protection (LSP) materials allow for a high level of manufacturing flexibility and effectiveness.

Secondary Structure

A long-standing leader in the supply of adhesives, core splice and sufacing films, we have a wide range of materials to meet the needs of manufacturers producing virtually any secondary structure.


Specifically formulated and tailored to the rigors of engine applications, our adhesive product line leads the industry in performance and innovation.


In addition to our standard portfolio of adhesives products we also supply an extensive range of sealants, primers and other related products.