Plane takes off in Shanghai - Argosy International
quality certifications

Argosy has an approved ISO9001/AS9120 or AS9100 Quality Management System which demonstrates our commitment to supplying customers with the highest quality products and services.

AI - AS9120A/ISO9001:2008

Argosy International is certified to AS9120A/ISO9001:2008 for its distribution business of composites materials, Specialty chemicals, and other associated products to aerospace OEMs, Airlines, MROs and commercial industries.

ASAM - AS9100C/ISO9001:2008

ASAM is certified to AS9100C/ISO9001:2008 for formulation and distribution of aerospace coatings, supply and distribution of high performance aerospace special materials including composites and thermal management materials from quality assured source.

ASAM - CAAC Certification

ASAM is authorized to mix coatings by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (# HH0120-AAD).

ASTC - AS9120A/ISO9001:2008

ASTC is certified to AS9120A/ISO9001:2008 for distribution of composite materials, specialty chemicals and other associated products to aerospace OEMs, airlines, MROs and commercial industries.

AXAC - AS9001C/ISO9001:2008

AXAC is certified to AS9100C/ISO9001:2008 for manufacturing of honeycomb core for aerospace and commercial industry.

AXAC - US Coast Guard

AXAC Commercial Grade Aluminum Honeycomb is approved by United States Coast Guard to be used as a structural core in marine interior panels.

ASAM – Civil Aircraft Parts Distributor

ASAM is a member of Civil Aviation Maintenance Association of China as a certified distributor of Civil Aircraft Parts (Chemical Materials)